Staff Mobility Policy

The Staff Exchange Programme is a strategic intervention for enhancing sharing of human resources among universities in the region, and for the promotion of regional integration. Facilitation of staff exchange has continued to be one of the main activities of IUCEA since the institution was established in 1970.

The Programme aims at strengthening inter-university cooperation through academic mobility and enhancing quality of teaching and research in university institutions in East Africa. It provides university institutions with experts in fields of study that may be lacking in the host university as well as availing opportunity to visiting lecturers to gain experience from the hosting institutions, and hence enhancing their career development.

For some time now, universities’ participation to the staff exchange programme has been very low, despite an increase in the number of higher education institutions in the region. On the other hand, shortage of teaching staff especially for newly established universities has been observed. In order to make the staff mobility programme more structured and effective developed the Staff Mobility Framework by involving higher education stakeholders that will guide implementation of the staff exchange programme. The policy framework was approved by the Executive Committee and is now implemented by universities and IUCEA.

It is expected that this policy framework on Staff Mobility will guide effective implementation of the exchange programme within member university institutions and facilitate in the transformation of EAC region into a Common Higher Education Area.