Student Mobility Policy

The Treaty for the Establishment of EAC clearly stipulates the commitment of the Partner States to harmonize their education and training systems in order to provide for, among others, concerted efforts in the development of human resources, and mobility of people, labour, and services. In that regard, the coming into force of the Protocol for the Establishment of the EAC Common Market in July 2010 required IUCEA to develop systems that, among others, would enhance students’ mobility and labour across the Partner States, and hence transform the EAC region into a Common Higher Education Area.

IUCEA embarked on the development of the students’ mobility policy to contribute to the implementation of the Common Market Protocol which provides for mobility of Human Resource and goods across the Community by involving experts in higher education and stakeholders. The Policy was approved by the IUCEA Executive Committee for implementation in 2015.

The student Mobility Policy will provide a framework for the promotion of students’ mobility amongst the Partner States, as a way of facilitating regional integration as envisioned in the Common Market Protocol and transforming EAC region into a Common Higher Education Area.