The Inter University Council For East Africa

University students forum on the role of higher education in Regional integration and socio-economic development-tanzania Chapter – 4th – 5th may, 2015 in dar es salaam, tanzania

Inter-University Council or East Africa will hold University Students Forum

on 4th – 5th May 2015 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Students will be

introduced to roles and functions of IUCEA and support offered by IUCEA

to universities and to other stakeholders. Other areas students will be

introduced to, will be on Harmonization of education systems in EAC:

Opportunities, Challenges and way forward and opportunity for regional

integration through research.

As key stakeholders students through groups will discuss

a) Role of research in regional integration and its contribution to socio-

economic development,

b) Advantages of linking universities to the private sector and can

partnership between private/public sectors promote students’


c) Harmonization of education systems and its contribution to socio-

economic development of EAC?

d) Recommendations on other opportunities students think IUCEA can

offer together with their roles in regional integration.

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