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To become the leading EAC Institution for an exemplary Common Higher Education Area for a prosperous and sustainable East African Community


To encourage and develop mutually beneficial collaboration between Member Universities and between them and Governments and other organisations, both public and private

Strategic Plan themes

  1. Research, innovation and business development;
  2. Human capital, skills development and utilization;
  3. Regional Higher Education Information
  4. Universities’ capacity and leadership development.
  5. IUCEA’s operational excellence
IUCEA Executive Members Visiting IUCEA Premise

Functions of the council

Ensure development of a comprehensive electronic Network linking member universities, for use in supporting and promoting new methods of teaching and learning, information dissemination by the Council and between member universities and research partners.

IUCEA Meeting Held In Kampala, Uganda 2018


IUCEA has rules governing membership and establish the application process, eligibility, categories, and admission and termination of IUCEA membership. The IUCEA membership comprises of universities, university colleges, and other institutions.

Projects & Programmes

IUCEA interventions are supported by the EAC Partner States and the network of stakeholders including Development Partners from the region and beyond. The following are the current programmes and projects that are implemented or coordinated by IUCEA.


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